Katia Rosenbaum

Psychologist specialised in Emotional Managment and Mindfulness Based Interventions

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I would love to join and support you in your journey to let go of the struggles inside your mind, all those thoughts that are not adding to your life and help you build a life that is aligned with your own values.


During these 45 minutes private sessions we will work with Emotional Management and Mindfulness tools based around contextual therapies of the third wave workframe. 
My perspective is depathologizing and my purpose is for you to be able to develop and work on your Emotional Intelligence, your leadership skills, your self-knowledge and your story and in that way be able to lead a life that is more aligned to your core values and goals in life for this moment. 

The call

These 75 minutes conversations are approached in the classic GROW coaching model structure to maximize results in a brief intervention
At the end of the call we will define specific goals to help you advance in your journey on the matter we are currently working on and then we will have audio messages follow-ups to help you stay accountable and actually achieve all your goals

People who have worked with me have said:

«I started therapy for the first time in my life with Katia because I was feeling suffocated in a specific situation with my former partner. I usually have a really hard time talking about my feelings, but thanks to the work we’ve done together I was able to exteriorize and acknowledge a lot of situations and attitudes that were hurting and bothering me but I was looking the other way. This work helped me a lot to think of myself and to have more clarity; it felt like taking a bandage off my eyes. It helped me make a decision that I dont think I would have been able to make on my own. Today I feel a lot more grounded and less likely to repeat patterns that hurt me; I put into practice everything that I learnt with Katia and I am so thankful for it, because I feel like I really learnt about values and attitudes that one should never allow another person to have on oneself.»

María Paz, 24 years old

«Before meeting Katu I had gone to therapy plenty of times, and not only did I not feel like it was helping, I actually felt like it was making things worse. Working with her was the first time that I actually felt tangible changes within me and the people close to me. I was able to not only build my self-esteem back up but also explore a whole side of me that was completely shut off. As my present kept getting better, I was able to work to heal things from my past. Empathy and commitment are two words that define what working with Katu is like (although there’s a lot more). I was able to receive so much warmth that remote working was never an issue. I can’t stop recommending her because she has such an open heart and mind and is such a curious professional that never stops learning. It was the first time in my life that I felt that this type of self-work was actually worth it. I feel so much better today and I know I’m much happier.»

Nicole, 25 años years old

«I met Katu at one of her workshops where she so lovingly taught us how to sit with our emotions through meditation; from there I decided I wanted to work with her as a psychologist. Today, after months of working together, I can say that was the best decision ever. Katu shows in each session the love she puts into her work, and commitment she has with me as her patient and my personal advance, so much in my professional life as well as in my spiritual journey. I don’t only recommend her as a psychologist but also as a professional to work with in any of the services she offers. What I can say for sure is that there is a before and after in your life after meeting her.»

Milagros, 29 años years old

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